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Author Topic: CHEAP! Premade Wolf Port £3.50  (Read 920 times)

Offline Stacey

CHEAP! Premade Wolf Port £3.50
«: October 03, 2013, 11:51:00 AM»

PLEASE NOTE: i purchased all of these and have permission to sell them on. they were simply not used and i no longer have a use for them, so they should go to better homes!
PPS: all ports are buy as-is, simply because i don't have the artistic ability to make edits :( though you are free to edit the remaps however you like to fit your character or whatnot once you have them!

- Paypal
- Art (feral + PORTS!)
- Port spaces (valued £3.50 each)

Contact: PM on here OR note me at dA at http://ehlowel.deviantart.com/

also, DESIGNS!

ports are jpg'd and lined - originals will be given upon purchase!


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ALTS for sale -- ported ferals & nakeds