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Author Topic: Wanting a Premade Werewolf/Werecreature or Man!  (Read 365 times)

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Wanting a Premade Werewolf/Werecreature or Man!
«: October 17, 2013, 01:56:41 AM»
I recently baught Maric, and I'm trying to shape him into some godly awsome attractive rugged character. I've thought about werewolf but I'm not overly attached on the idea, just my best thought.

Problem is, I suck at drawing them, everyone elses are better, I'd much rather just buy something premade.

You can contact me by PM or fastest by Whispering Outlands in game!

I am looking for:
  • A man design
and or
  • A werewolf design or a were something. It does not have to be a wolf.

This can be as:
  • Just a port or two
  • A headshot
  • Body reference
  • Full character reference

I do NOT want:
  • You to offer me comissions, I am buying premade art ONLY
  • Anything feral
  • I do not want you to draw me up something then expect me to buy it! I will be considering a few.


Thank you!
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