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Author Topic: Pokemon Park Patchers  (Read 551 times)

Offline Joann

Pokemon Park Patchers
«: October 22, 2013, 05:20:27 AM»
I'm currently in posession of a dream called Pokemon Park, an old Majas project. It is uploaded in AI by the rest of the feral dreams and is a dream based off of the game series Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. We're going through a very large overhaul of our map and are in need of, at least, experienced patchers to take a crack at the things we need.

You will be paid in any of the following, depending on your preference.
  • Paypal
  • Golden Dragon Scales
  • Port Spaces

Things needed
  • Foliage. Flowers, rocks, grasses, trees. Things with berries on them.
  • Item patch buildings. Please remember that most pokemon buildings include several of the pokemon's features.
    • Floors. Mainly pathways, stone brick and farm land floors.
      • Abandoned mineshaft items.
      • Walls. Wooden, stone, decorative wallpaper. Have fun with it!
        • Patches one would see inside a home. Sofas, fireplaces, lamps, tables, etc.
        • Palace items such as chandeliers and pokemon artwork.
        • Palace walls
        • Palace flooring

        Feel free to whisper me on the alt Joann if you'd like to offer your services and we will discuss price. Of course you're not required to do all of the things listed.
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