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Author Topic: Looking for portrait/icon art!  (Read 358 times)

Offline Tate

Looking for portrait/icon art!
«: October 24, 2013, 05:11:17 PM»
Heya! SO I'm looking to get some portraits/icons done for a few of my characters. Seeing as I always end up hating my own art after a while and I'm bad at icon art in my own opinion, that means I look elsewhere!

Who I'm looking for ports for, in order of how badly I want one done:
*Tachs! - I ADORE their current port, but I need one to match the new design for her - also a human port for her too. Click the 'alternate' page (under main) to see what I mean by that.
*and Iliya, though I might be fiddling with his design some more.

How will I pay?
I have a few methods.
*Cash monies - Currently I am an enabler for a dear friend of mine for art, so I can possibly pay real cash monies via paypal. This is the least preferred method, so read on if you will. If none of the others interest you, and I want your art, obviously this will be the method.
*Art trade - I generally adore doing these. Hit me up! We'll discuss. Would also be very willing to do art trades for stuff other than portraits/icons, if you happen to be interested in that. <3 My art can be found here and here.
*Port spaces - Furcadia port spaces. Have PLENTY of these!

Anything you should know?
*I do not want anime or manga style. If you had roots there once but have moved away - we cool. But desu eyes, check mark noses, and undefined facial shapes are definitely not for me.
*Continuing the above: I LOVE LOVE LOVE people who adore drawing noses. I have plenty of odd noses for you to draw!
*Aside from the anime thing, I'm usually pretty willing to check out different styles and people. I just request you have something similar to show me that you can do. I'm a bit wary of commissioning someone for a rodent artz who has only has canine and feline examples. (Also, art for Tachs needs to definitely not be flatface.)

How to contact me!
*Masha @ furaffinity
*Masha/Zaany are my most common alts on Furcadia
*Masha @ roleplayrepository
*mashatate on gmail
*saethryth @ skype
*wrathofmenses / mashaarts @ tumblr
Or commenting/PMing here, of course.


Offline Tate

Re: Looking for portrait/icon art!
«Reply #1: November 02, 2013, 12:03:28 PM»
I've received a few replies, but I'm still looking. If this interests you, please message me! I don't bite