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Author Topic: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange! - CLOSED  (Read 2321 times)

Offline Farren

2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange! - CLOSED
«: November 01, 2013, 09:31:34 PM»
It's that time of year again! Time for the annual Secret Santa portrait exchange, that is.

First, I need to mention - This will be the final year I'm hosting it! I'm starting school next year, and that on top of work and usual christmas busy-ness = me probably not having enough time for it. I might still put my name in if someone else decides to host it, though!

Now, on to the rules and such!


"For those who don't know, Secret Santa is basically when a bunch of people put their names in, and then names are drawn for each person. In real life, you'd get a gift for the person who's name was drawn for you. On FAZ, you'll make a portrait of their character."


"Each portrait should be 95x95 pixels or it looks weird when the recipient tries to upload it. Most people will likely want remap, but be prepared for nonremap, as well. This is an art exchange. Please do not expect to get a port space to upload your portrait in from us or anyone who enters. Getting a space for the port you receive is your priority.

Only one entry is allowed per person. So choose the character you want ported wisely.

Artists of any level can participate, so don't be scared away from this if you think kindergartners draw better than you do (chances are you're wrong, anyways xP ).  It'll be much more interesting, in fact, if artists of all levels of creativity and style enter.

Only post if you are serious about this. Don't post if you don't think you can get your entry done by december 25th. However, if you enter thinking you'll have time, and it comes up that you won't, please send me a pm stating as much and I'll try to work something out with you. Also, please don't post just to get a free port, without expecting to have to make one yourself. That's not fair to the person who's name you get.

Put in your best effort. As it says in previous secret santa threads, 'don't half-ass it'. We expect the best work you can muster. If you want a good port, you should likewise make a good port.

Don't get mad if, when December 25th comes around, you get a port of lesser quality than you wanted! As stated, this is artists for all levels of talent, so enter expecting crayon scribbles so as not to get your expectations too high.

Also of note, since there seems to have been some confusion in previous years - You must send your finished port to me as well as it's recipient (but don't send it to it's intended recipient until december 25th!)

That's it for now as far as rules. However, they may change or be added to if I find it's needed."


November 1st: Entries open.
December 1st: Entries closed. (Please do not ask to be entered after this date.)
December 3rd: Names Drawn.
December 25th - 31st: Entries due.


Entry Form

"You post here to enter, and you must have this in your post! Please, original characters only. It's fine if they're inspired from an existing character, but nobody wants to have to face copyright issues over the holidays."

Character Name: (What do you call yourself?)
Remap or Nonremap: (If remap, please provide a colorstring. A separate form will be provided below for Nonremap, and for those Remappable people who just want to say what remap color goes to what part of their character.)
Gender: (Male? Female? Hermaphrodite? It? Difficult to tell? Etc?)
Age: (Older than dirt? Young punk? Provide a numerical answer, please.)
Species: (Canine? Feline? Hippopotamus? Banana?)
Anthro or Ferian: (2 legs? 4? 6? ... 42??)
Traits: (Anything odd we should know about your character?)
Markings: (Stripes? Spots? Embarrassing Tattoos you got when you were drunk? Where on the body?)
Extras: (Jewelry, accessories, scars, wings, etc.)
Clothing: (What's your character wearing?)
Expression: (Do your character smile? Frown? Leer creepily?)
Likes: (What does your character like to do, eat, drink, etc? Anything your character is obsessed with in a good way?)
Dislikes: (What does your character hate to do, eat, drink, etc? Or doesn't like others doing?)
Where are you likely to see them: (where does your character like to hang out?)
Miscellaneous: (Anything not covered in the above, put here. Anything of particular note, or a short description maybe.)
References: (Please link to an image - or images - of the character or the character's species. Do not post the actual picture(s) here, as it takes those on slower connections much too long to load them all.)
Site: (If your character has a site, please poste it!)
Contact Information: (Where do you want the portrait sent? Or where can you be contacted for information?)
What is your 'Artist Alias': (What name do you usually work under, or go by?)
Personal Gallery Link: (If you have your own site, or a gallery on a site like dA, please post a link!)
Highest Rating: (How high of a rating will you want your port to have? Teen+? M+?)
Animation: (Do you want your port animated? Please note: Even if you say yes, the artist still has the choice not to animate it.)

(optional, for help with non-remap ports, or people who can't provide or don't trust colorstrings for some reason or another)



Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to PM me with any concerns you may have.


This year's Blacklist:


Due to these people NOT doing their entries last year, and not providing a good reason for not finishing them, they will not be allowed to enter this year's secret santa. (Unless I remembered wrong. It's been a long year.)


List of Entries

1. Farren/Hexen Danz
2. Dibit/Dibit
3. Depress/Mallary
4. Army/Slate
5. Wyllo Taleweaver/Jason Langley
6. $kye/Hagenti
7. hannah/Blakely
8. Hyorin/Vahad
9. Fauune/Alexander
10. Degu/Symeon
11. Bronach/Bronach
12. Talezya/Sososher
13. Dask/Tone
14. Mido/Irene Blackwolf
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Offline Farren

Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #1: November 01, 2013, 09:46:34 PM»
Character Name: Hexen Danz
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap
Gender: Female, though it can be difficult to tell, due to her species.
Age: Could be anywhere from late 30's to early 900's.
Species: Tianyulong
Anthro or Ferian: Sorta in between the two. She moves like a Tianyulong, but has anthromorphic qualities, such as the wearing of clothing.
Traits: She's insane. Literally.
Markings: Alternating bright red and bright blue feathers with bright blue stripes.
Extras: Battered and frayed, floppy old witch's hat. Carries an old walking staff that appears to be made out of a gnarled tree root.
Clothing: battered and frayed old robe.
Expression: Whatever expression her current form of insanity instills upon her features.
Likes: She seems to take pleasure in being enigmatic and as ambiguous as possible, if only to confuse and confound whoever or whatever is the current target of her insanity. She's never been observed to be eating, but it's assumed she eats the same things as other tianyulongs. Either that, or magical energies keep her fueled.
Dislikes: Anyone who tries to cure her insanity.
Where are you likely to see them: She can be seen in just about any setting. Most recently, though? An underground realm of fire and caverns referred to as 'Hell'.
Miscellaneous: As mentioned before, she's insane. This is made evident almost immediately when she starts talking - she tends to always refer to herself in the third person, and talk about herself or the target of her ramblings as if they weren't there. She's a witch, as well, and it is unclear just how powerful her magic is, or even whether she's a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy' - really, she seems to take no side at all.
References: http://mercyful-fate.deviantart.com/art/Ref-Hexen-Danz-392330667
Site: None at the moment ):
Contact Information: [email protected], in-game as Farren Dustfur.
What is your 'Artist Alias': Farren
Personal Gallery Link: http://Mercyful-Fate.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: T+
Animation: I'll leave the artist to decide what looks better.


Eyes: Mad Green
Hair: Dreamer Blue
Fur: Red
Markings: Royal Blue
Vest: Dark Mule
Cape: Dark Mule
Trousers: Dark Mule
Bracers: Violet Blue
Boots: Violet Blue
Badge: Courage Red

Offline Dibit

Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #2: November 02, 2013, 12:29:30 PM»
Character Name: Dibit
Remap or Nonremap: Either is fine
Gender: Female
Age: About 19 human years/ 3 or 4 dogs?
Species: Lemur x wolf
Anthro or Ferian: Either is fine
Traits: Nope
Markings: Black panda eyes, tips of paws/hands, feet and ears, and stripy tail. White underbelly, chin, ears and upper legs (and arms). (Best to refer to refs)
Extras: Gold cross (simple design) and blue bandanna. Can be warn in any style.
Clothing: Optional in Anthro form, be free to be creative.
Expression: Any Befitting the character (usually kind, cute or silly)
Likes: Doughnuts, nature, colours, people, making friends, drawing, playing, animals etc.
Dislikes: Violence, rudeness etc.
Where are you likely to see them: Natural or comfortable surroundings.
Miscellaneous: If you chose to do anthro, feel free to play with her hair style, just keep a note that her hair is both green and black rather than just green as shown in her feral form.
References: Anthro 1 Anthro 2 (Btw that is not a cig, its a shisha stick) Anthro 3 Anthro 4 Anthro 5   Feral 1 Feral 2 Feral 3 Feral 4
Site: N/a
Contact Information:
Pm me here
Pm me on Da (kedavre)
Whipser me on Dibit
What is your 'Artist Alias': Dibit or Kedavre
Personal Gallery Link: http://kedavre.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: Any rating is fine but I rather the port have no mature aspects apart from possible nudity.
Animation: Up to you


Code: t:846-;,<;2#&$

Ref (same for anthro form but black parts of hair will remap to vest. Also this ref is outdate/not completely accurate in terms of markings etc, its just to make  the remapping colours easier to understand): Here

Eyes: Eyes
Hair: Hair
Fur: Fur
Markings: Underbelly and ears
Vest: Back markings, black tail stripes and ear tips
Cape: White leg markings
Trousers: Pink tail stripes
Bracers: Bandanna
Boots: Black paw tips and Panda eyes markings
Badge: Cross

Offline Depress

Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #3: November 03, 2013, 10:40:59 AM»
Character Name: Mallary
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap
Gender: Female!
Age: Young
Species: Feline - Lynx
Anthro or Ferian: Ferian
Traits: Fluffy, small tail.
Markings: Brown spots on her body. Black ears and markings on her face. White muzzle, neck, stomach, and paws.
Extras: She normally has a cardinal which follows her
Clothing: Nekkid. Just kidding, she doesn't need clothes.
Expression: She is generally more calm than anything, but she does smile.
Likes: Her cardinal friend, the snow, rabbits, hiding or playing in the snow, hunting for squirrels.
Dislikes: Blizzards, aggressive wolves,
Where are you likely to see them: In rocky or tree-heavy places.
Miscellaneous: Loves birds.
Contact Information:
[email protected]
or Whisper Depress or Mallary
What is your 'Artist Alias': Jessa/Depress
Personal Gallery Link: http://foxcatcher.deviantart.com/
Highest Rating: Doesn't matter. She could be munching on a rabbit for all I care. c:
Animation: Nahh<3

Offline Wyllo Taleweaver

Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #4: November 04, 2013, 01:16:57 PM»
Character Name: Jason Langley
Remap or Nonremap: Remap preferred. Colourstring: t08-405#5;;$&$
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Species: Human werefox
Anthro or Ferian: Hyooman.
Traits: He's a werefox. Often chews on a toothpick, good ol' Western style.
Markings: Nasty clawing scars down the right side of his face. Scraggly stubbly beard.
Extras: He has a seven-shot revolver, though that need not be in the port.
Clothing: Flat brim cowboy hat (think Clint Eastwood), trenchcoat with a waistcoat, bolo tie, nice shirt, and tailored wool pants.
Expression: Usually smiling, though it's more a cocky grin.
Likes: He's a pretty stereotypical cowboy, really. So he's fond of whiskey, bacon and beans. Also has a soft spot for horses and foxes.
Dislikes: Raised to be a 'gentleman' in the tradition of his time, he has very little tolerance for people mistreating ladies. Also, foxhounds tend to freak him out.
Where are you likely to see them: Saloons, the open plains, and oddly, on a boat.
Miscellaneous: A human fellow of average build with scruffy brown hair and a poor, stubbly attempt at a beard. He wore a dark leather duster with a stylized fox face branded into the back, over a fairly plain shirt with a bolo tie, and tailored wool pants with cowboy boots. He had a flat-brimmed Stetson to match the duster, and a holster belt contained a well-polished but unusual revolver and a tribal hunting mask tied to it as a buckle cover. Scars ran down the side of his face, looking like something had clawed him good a long time ago.
References: http://sta.sh/08focvteoll
Site: N/A
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': toasterpip
Personal Gallery Link: http://toasterpip.com
Highest Rating: T+
Animation: If y'all want to.

(optional, for help with non-remap ports, or people who can't provide or don't trust colorstrings for some reason or another)

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Fur: Caucasian Skin
Markings: White or light pink (scars)
Vest: Brown
Trousers: Black or dark grey
Bracers: Red
Boots: Black
Badge: Gold
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Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #5: November 11, 2013, 02:12:46 PM»
Character Name: Hagenti
Remap or Nonremap: nonremap please ;__;
Gender: female
Age: immortal
Species: egyptian mau
Anthro or Ferian: cat head on a human body (anthro? i guess)
Traits: lanky and tall. very full of herself.... (idk what i was supposed to put here)
Markings: red and blue markings on her face and neck. honestly just look at the picture references.
Extras: wears golden, egyptian-themed librarian glasses with the chains. they usually attach to her huge earrings. also wears necklaces and bracelets. all gold!!
Clothing: blacks, grays, and dark browns for colors. usually very plain and loose tops over a dress. (references give some ideas but you can make up your own if you'd like. shes obviously really egyptian-themed)
Expression: a smug smirk, a sinister smile, or you can make her look like an angry cat. it's up to you. if you know a funny face cats make and would want to draw that, then go for it!!
Likes: gaudy jewelry, reading, drinking ~fine wine~, sunbathing, making potions and concoctions, doing alchemy...things, etc
Dislikes: getting dirty, horses, candy, being trapped out of a room by a closed door
Where are you likely to see them: you could put her out in the desert, in a like nice looking building, on a balcony at night, sitting outside. it's up to you. you can just put a color or design for the bg too.
Miscellaneous: i have nothing to put here =(
References: http://31.media.tumblr.com/7f8c9c0e4cc534976418bece07c51e04/tumblr_mtydy86lnL1s57hoio1_1280.png
Site: i dont have one sorry =(
Contact Information: PM me
or whisper Lupe on furc
What is your 'Artist Alias': skye, but i used to be ~*kiwi*~
Personal Gallery Link: you can look at my gallery here AND http://skyedraws.tumblr.com/
Highest Rating: teen please
Animation: no thanks!!
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Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #6: November 11, 2013, 02:23:19 PM»
Character Name: Blakely (aka Blake)
Remap or Nonremap: nonremap
Gender: male
Age: 26
Species: human
Anthro or Ferian: human, 2 legs
Traits: he's messy and has a gnarly hair swoop
Markings: a trimmed goatee and stubble on his face
Extras: nothing extra! he's pretty simple
Clothing: he generally wears t-shirts, hoodies/jackets, jeans
Expression: he's a happy guy so he's almost always smiling
Likes: hot dogs!! the key to his heart is hot dogs. and unhealthy food in general. he's a bit of a couch potato and likes tv, he sucks at video games but tries anyway. loves the ladies but usually never gets them. he desperately wants to be a "bro" idk it's embarrassing
Dislikes: there's not much blake doesn't like... i guess responsibility/working since he's so lazy. healthy food
Where are you likely to see them: modern settings
Miscellaneous: honestly his rpr has all of his information, he's not an extremely extensive character but taking a gander at it might help for ideas! he's a loser basically jk
References: here and here and there's a few more on his rpr!
Site: here
Contact Information: you can either PM me here on FAZ, or if you'd prefer you can email me at [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': hannah. formerly kay a few years ago
Personal Gallery Link: here and for ports, here
Highest Rating: i guess Teen
Animation: no thank you!

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Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #7: November 11, 2013, 03:30:08 PM»
Character Name: Vahad
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap
Gender: Female
Age: Immortal but looks 35
Species: Demon (looks human except for horns, tho)
Anthro or Ferian: Human-looking, so anthro?
Traits: A tall, busty, kind of heavy (6', 170lb) woman with horns and a tail. Very clean and professional looking. Somewhat elegant gothic sense of style.
Markings: n/a
Extras: Has weird, kind of curvy bracket-shaped horns (see pics). Also has a tail but including it in the port isn't necessary. She has no personality or emotions, so the pose doesn't have to be anything elaborate lol.
Clothing: Either office clothing (modest blouses, etc) or elaborate gothic dresses. Shades of black, grey or red are preferred. Cleavage is okay, bare arms are not. Style inspo: Morticia Addams, Maleficent, Joan Holloway.
Expression: Emotionless or slightly irritated. No smiling please!!
Likes: Paperwork, nefarious plots.
Dislikes: Joy, food, sunshine, other people.
Where are you likely to see them: Hell. A Gothic castle. Or an office. The BG can be solid colour for all i care haha.
Miscellaneous: A sinister or creepy themed port would look best. She's p much just a beautiful woman with ulterior motives.
References: one two (if you need more refs/clarification on her horns let me know!! in the process of making more art for her bc she's an old character)
Site: RPRepository
Contact Information: PM this account
What is your 'Artist Alias': Hyorin
Personal Gallery Link: FAZ
Highest Rating: T+
Animation: No preference

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Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #8: November 11, 2013, 04:15:12 PM»
Character Name: Alexander, often called Flea, Alex, and Mange.
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap please
Gender: Male (Asexual)
Age: 17 years
Species: Dire Wolf x Gray Wolf
Anthro or Ferian: Ferian
Traits: Can be very aggressive and protective of his belongings. Lives among dense, dark forests.
Markings: see here [note; colors can fade or become more vibrant at random, colors can be changed to a certain extent.]
Extras: THREE scratches on maw; very grungey or messy looking.
Clothing: sometimes wears his brother's golden crown around his neck (for symbolic reasons)
Expression: very silent and disengaged from the rest of the world. He does attack anyone he feels may be a threat or annoyance.
Likes: Strolls through the forest, winter, and Autumn.
Dislikes: Hates other people in his way or around his home.
Where are you likely to see them: Dense forests, far from civilization. Often travelling.
Miscellaneous: He has long legs and a very thin build, as well as a longer tail than normal species of Gray Wolf.
References: here
Site: nope
Contact Information: please whisper Fleabitten or contact me at http://alexipyretic.deviantart.com/
What is your 'Artist Alias': Alexander / alexipyretic
Personal Gallery Link: FurAffinity || DeviantART
Highest Rating: I don't mind~
Animation: Either works for me.

Offline Degu

Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #9: November 17, 2013, 10:49:17 PM»
Character Name: Symeon
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap
Gender: Male
Age: DOGE. Wow.
Species: Bull Terrier (altered.)
Anthro or Ferian: 4 legs good, two legs baaaaad. (Ferian)
Traits: Typical bull terrier cone shaped head. Odd coloration, short fur pale stony blue-grey, teal feathers at the tips of his ears, underside of his body and jaw (see refs for more detail), A mohawk mane, darker teal with darker streaks. Nose is dark teal.
Markings: Solid body color, feathers are the only difference.
Extras: Feathery shoulder bits (the refs seriously explain this way better than i can.)
Clothing: NOTHING. Gasp.
Expression: Dumb happy dog works fine, though if you think you can pull off a sad puppy eyes expression go for it.
Likes: Food, Sniffing butts, Talking to people, going shopping, playing, sticks, dog things.
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, Loud things, Angry things, Stressful situations, being scolded, when he's not treated like a person.
Where are you likely to see them: His masters wagon, or home in a forest. OR town, he fetches his masters shopping in town.
Miscellaneous: Squirrel!
References: http://www.rprepository.com/c/jaspur/42021    http://www.deviantart.com/art/Autumn-Hike-365768368   
Site: See above
Contact Information: Kingfisher on Furc, Kingfisher-gryphon on DA, or [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Degu
Personal Gallery Link: http://kingfisher-gryphon.deviantart.com/
Highest Rating: T+
Animation: Nah! But you can if you want to try. :P

Extra Notes: Sorry this is an awful app, the main thing that's helpful with this character are the refs. If you have further questions please contact me on Kingfisher on furcadia :)

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Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #10: November 26, 2013, 11:52:34 AM»
Less than a week left to get your entries in!

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Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #11: November 28, 2013, 04:39:31 PM»
Character Name: Bronach
Remap or Nonremap: Either one! If remap: t%8,(H11<;$#+_
Gender: Female
Age: 20something
Species: Phoenix
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro
Traits: Helpful, friendly
Markings: N/A
Extras: Silver scythe pendant, duct tape headband
Clothing: Light green top, red layered skirt
Expression: Cheerful (:
Likes: Flowers, adventures, and butterflies
References: http://www.freewebs.com/bronach/phoenix.htm
Site: N/A
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Bronach
Personal Gallery Link: http://haloofducttape.deviantart.com/
Highest Rating: E8+
Animation: If you would like to!

Offline Talezya

Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #12: November 28, 2013, 05:25:33 PM»
Character Name: Sososher
Remap or Nonremap: Non-remap, please!
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Drakat (Dragon-Cat Hybrid)
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro
Traits: She is a weighty being
Markings: See reference - she's a sandcat
Extras: Her feet are scaled, like a dragon
Clothing: Casual clothes. Mostly doctor who related.
Expression: She's got a small smile - not too wide.
Likes: Friends; Warm Rooms; Space; Cakes; Animals; Romance; Old stuff/History; Flowers (Lillies); Coffee; Tea; Music; Anything shiny (jewelry, tinfoil, etc); Eating; Drawing; Gaming; Reading; Programming; Space (and the universe in general); Science; Singing; Doctor Who; Blue, purple and green; Art
Dislikes: Loud and/or sudden noises; Large crowds; Embarassment; Negative Social Interaction; Exercising; Water (including swimming); Too much heat; Unhappiness; Peas & carrots; Stressful situations; Ice; Spiders; Isolation; Untidiness; Violance; the colour Orange.
Where are you likely to see them: In her bedroom, at her desk.
Miscellaneous: This introverted anthro sandcat is a bit of a dreamer. Her eyes are the colour of an algae infested pond, her hair brown with a slight mixture of bleached blonde by her fringe. She is weighty being; her large frame added to her own insecurities as she pushed her large glasses back up her long nose. She was dressed casually in a branded t-shirt and old trousers (which were supposed to be baggy but fit snugly around her inflated frame) and flimsy boots upon her large feet. Inside those boots - instead of fluffy paws - hid taloned feet, making it difficult for the half-dragon, half-feline to buy comfortable footwear. For this reason, she preferred to walk around bare-foot whenever she was alone. She was often found losing herself into a book, or burying away into computer code.
References: http://www.rprepository.com/c/sososher/53801
Site: http://www.rprepository.com/c/sososher/
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Talezya
Personal Gallery Link: http://talezya.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: T+
Animation: Sure :).
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Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #13: November 30, 2013, 12:17:25 PM»
Only one more day left to get your entries in!

Offline Dask

Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #14: December 01, 2013, 09:12:00 AM»
Character Name: Tone
Remap or Nonremap: nonremap
Gender: male, but no defined tones/muscles; gender not obvious
Age: young teen; 13-16
Species: Chimera; Human-fennec fox with tiny 'horns'
Anthro or Ferian: humanoid(2 legged)
Traits: Has a third eye on his forehead, that when open, grants him the power of Telekinesis. This only occurs as a defensive ability or if he is under heavy stress or terror.
Markings: Small freckles on shoulders and lower abdomen. Not visible with coat on.
Extras: Mask(in ref) is completely optional. 2 small horns/spikes on the forward-left part of his head where the mask would normally hang, 2 on the middle of his chest, and 2 on the upper midsection of his tail. On all horn/spike sets one is always shorter than the other.
A bottle of his own blood tucked away in an inner pocket of his coat.
Clothing: A coat, boots, frilly jester pants(all seen in ref)
Expression: Usually a worried expression or frown is his usual
Likes: cute woodland animals, gardening, environmentalism, birdwatching, wind chimes
Dislikes: Being lonely or left out of 'happenings', chaos
Fears: The dark, spooky noises, other monsters, being rejected, spoons, common situations
Where are you likely to see them: lit ruins, forests during daytime, or spewhere playful
Tone is emotionally fragile, socially awkward, and a bit whiny.
References: one two
Site: working on an RPR, but won't have done in time, so N/A
Contact Information: PM me here or whisper Jizo/Dask/Tone ingame
Send port to [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Dask
Personal Gallery Link: www.nathika.deviantart.c om , previously www.dask-kun.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: T+ but no higher
Animation: I would love one! But it's up to you~

Dask   |  Air   |  Jizo   |  Nadir

alts forsale

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Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #15: December 01, 2013, 11:50:37 AM»
Character Name:Irene Blackwolf
Remap or Nonremap: nonremap
Gender: female
Age: 23
Species:winged wolf
Anthro or Ferian:anthro
Traits: scars on both eyes
Markings: dark grey on jaw and belly
Extras: wings and scars
Clothing: a short kimono that shows her cleavage
Expression: up to you
Likes: anything to do with fire, celestials, spirits
Dislikes:anything that annoys her
Where are you likely to see them: FurN
References: http://oi42.tinypic.com/2cesxsx.jpg http://oi41.tinypic.com/2s6m1bc.jpg
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Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange!
«Reply #16: December 01, 2013, 12:30:31 PM»
Entries are now closed! I will try to get the names out to you guys over the next couple of days, if not today! (Lotsa busy-ness means it may take a few days to get them all out, sorry! )

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Re: 2013 FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange! - CLOSED
«Reply #17: December 25, 2013, 02:44:06 AM»
Alright, now that it's christmas, time for me to post a few things!

First of all, who got who, and those who have their entries done:
(Teal = done)
Farren - Fauune/Alexander
Dibit - Talezya/Sososher
Depress - Dibit
Army - Bronach
Wyllo Taleweaver - Hyorin/Vahad
$kye - Wyllo Taleweaver/Jason Langely
hannah - Dask/Tone
Hyorin - Mido/Irene Blackwolf
Fauune - Degu/Symeon
Degu - $kye/Hegenti
Bronach - hannah/Blakely
Talezya - Army/Slate
Dask - Depress/Mallory
Mido - Farren/Hexen Danz

If the name of the person who got your char is Teal, but you have not recieved your port by the 31st, please contact me!

If you did your entry, but your name is not in teal, please contact me!

Now for the collage, or at least, what I have of it so far!

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