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Author Topic: Sheepdust Portraits // animated coming soon // all slots open  (Read 678 times)

Offline Sheepdust

Animated ports coming soon!

naw, hi, i'm sheep.

I've done ports since 2007! i've not really been around terribly much over the past two years, having gotten absorbed in character art more than portraits, but I'd like to start doing them regularly again. :D

My prices are 25$ for my 'painterly' style. It's a softer portrait, has the option of being remap should you request it. 30$ for my 'binary' style, made with the binary tool in SAI. It's sharper and takes more time to complete, and is a bit more testing of my skills.

You pay after approving the sketch, I will complete it after the payment has gone through. These will be completed the day they are paid for unless it's too late, in that case i'll be completing it in the morning.

I recommend getting the painterly style for ports that show more of the body / the subject is smaller in the frame. I do humans, furries, and ferals, any gender. I love trying something new.

Recent painterly style examples

Recent binary style examples


1. Campy




Also take a look at the permade portrait sketches I have for you to choose from!

PM me or whisper me on Batu or Gemes.

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