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Author Topic: Seeking Long Term Pixel Artist - Volunteer or Pay  (Read 498 times)

Offline dana

Seeking Long Term Pixel Artist - Volunteer or Pay
«: November 10, 2013, 09:52:28 AM»
I'm involved with a project on Furcadia called Kauai Island. There's not a lot of artists working on it, as most of the effort is going into making the map (we need items!) and coding the dream.

Even if you do not play Furcadia, we'd love to have you involved. We need patch donations and anybody is allowed to donate! We're looking for pixel artists that can draw crops, decorative animals, marine animals, various fish species, boats, plants, furniture, etc. If you can match the shading/general atmosphere of the dream I will pay you for your contribution, or we are taking volunteers.

Patch Example (Done by our other Pixel Artist): Click Here

Kauai Island is a 'community' dream. It isn't just a 'farming' dream or just a 'building' dream. It's a dream that encompasses the idea of a working, functioning and fun community. Kauai Island runs off of a realistic economy where players can build mini-careers within the dream either with the shops the dream provide or by striking out on their own and starting their own business. In Kauai Island there's lots of different properties to utilize such as farms, islands, cabanas and much more. You'll be able to build your skills in fishing, farming, blacksmithing, cooking, breeding (child friendly) and mining.

If you want to participate, whisper Juliet and please have examples ready. We will pay you, or this a long term voluntary position where you'll be a part of our development team.

Farming Crops
Portrait Set
Foliage (Flowers, plants, trees)

There's more, but if you have any skills to offer, please whisper Juliet!