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Author Topic: Special Port of my lizard!  (Read 355 times)

Offline Migoto

Special Port of my lizard!
«: December 12, 2013, 11:22:16 PM»
Hello! I've wanted a new portrait for Migoto for a long time now, and I've decided I want to have Migoto with my bearded dragon, Damien (Damien is a girl!). I'd rather not have a too realistic art style, rather more cute and cuddly (but still post examples if you do realistic, something might catch my eye!) so hopefully that will make drawing/coloring Damien a lot easier, as beardies have lots of textures and colors.

If you're interested at all, please post with examples of your art and/or a link to your art website because I'd like this to be a very special port so I'd like a good pool of options. I have a TON of pictures of Migoto and my beardie (as well as art of her, if it helps at all) so don't be afraid to ask for more refs if you need them.

Finally, I'd rather not go over $15 because my husband doesn't like me spending money on Furcadia...but if you have a super cute art style and can maybe show me a really quick sketch of how you would draw them, I might be willing to spend a little extra if your prices are on the higher side. Please don't be afraid to ask!

Migoto & Damien
And an official Ref of Migoto (MINUS THE WHITE UNDERSIDE OF TAIL).

Let the posting begin!