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Author Topic: Seeking skilled artist who is comfortable with unusual species. paying well.  (Read 463 times)

Offline Khagra

I'm looking for an artist to draw my Scorpion girl named Khagra. I do have a fully coloured ref of her, but will link it personally once I pick someone. Her art's been stolen before and I'd rather not risk it.

I am MOST willing to pay in spaces, but I will also pay with paypal too, if I must.
Please include your price with examples!

I am comfortable with either remapping or non-remapping ports, but i have no interest in animated ports.
A preview of my character so you can decide if she's something you might be interested in.

(click for fullsize~)

Please post examples. I will be checking a couple times a day till I find something I like. :)
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Offline Inkling

This reply is old. The information is not accurate to my current prices or examples.
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Offline Anestia

i'd like to try this. i know my gallery has mostly human or flat-faced work, but working with unique shapes and/or monster types doesn't bother me as a lot of my traditional stuff involves distortions on conventional anatomy.

http://aitsena.deviantart.com is my gallery. if you're into it, send me a message here or note me there...i'm online as yngvi too. paypal only.

cheers. :)

Offline Khagra

I did end up purchasing a port already, but always good to have more examples.
I do plan on getting more ports in the future when money is available, but won't be for a little while yet. Not until I pick up some more commissions at least. Thanks guys~