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Author Topic: Seeking artist to draw tattoo design!  (Read 444 times)

Offline Rave

Seeking artist to draw tattoo design!
«: February 20, 2014, 08:51:14 AM»
So, I need an artist to draw / flat colour my next tattoo design. It's a simple design, just a german shepherd head with a trinity symbol in 3 colours and a few words in certain places. I'm not looking to pay more than $15 really, I may do $20. Fastest way to reach me is online on Fluffalicious, whisper me examples / prices, even if I'm offline, leave me an offline whisper and I guarantee I'll get it when I get off work~


Offline Eevee

Re: Seeking artist to draw tattoo design!
«Reply #1: February 20, 2014, 10:33:08 AM»
I would highly recommend going to your local tattoo shops and look through their artists' portfolios until you find a tattoo artist whose style is what you want, then pay the sit-down fee to discuss a tattoo design with them if you plan to get them to do the tattoo.

Bringing a premade design to replicate usually goes awry because the design is something they aren't experienced in doing, or its not in their style.

All those horrible tattoos you see floating around the internet are due to people going to the wrong artist to do something that artist is not good at, or didn't design.

Offline Ghoast

Re: Seeking artist to draw tattoo design!
«Reply #2: May 02, 2014, 02:54:53 PM»
As an tattoo artist, I can tell you that Eevee is kinda on point; there are artists that can take a pre-done flash and do it with ease, but most artists have a specialty and are best at that style. Not to say you're barking up the wrong tree how ever - there is nothing wrong with taking a base design into a shop and asking them to do it, most will tweak it to what works for them, or do it as is. If the artist refuses to try, you might not want to go with that artist in the first place, unless their style is completely opposite what you're looking for (but then why would you go to them anyways, no?) I would stop into the area shops and, as Eevee suggested, look at their portfolios, talk to them, ask them if they mind pre-done designs, they might even draw you up something on site, some don't even charge an drawing fee.

I wouldnt mind helping you out if youre interested. http://girlineyeliner.deviantart.com/ is my DA. There arent a lot of my tattoo designs/work on there, as I tend to keep them private for client protection, but I can show you more work if you hit me up.