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Author Topic: Prices as low as 3GD - Free Art Giveaway  (Read 327 times)

Offline Occlumancy

Prices as low as 3GD - Free Art Giveaway
«: February 23, 2014, 02:17:45 PM»
Hi everyone!
Alright, I've never done this whole art commission thing but here we go.
I have been drawing for years now, but I have no examples of my recent work because there isn't any! The reason I'm reopening commissions is because I want to get back into the whole art scene. So, I'm offering cheap work!

NOTE: This is all traditional work until I get a tablet!

Whisper Occlumancy for more information

I accept GD or Paypal!
All of my prices depend on complexity!

Types of work
Pencil sketch - 3GD to 5GD
Sketch + Lineart - 4GD to 7GD
Flat color (colored pencils) - 5 GD to 7GD
Full color with shading (colored pencils) - 6GD - 10GD
Reference sheets (Includes everything you want!) - 7GD to 10GD

Now, I'm sure you're wondering about my free art offer. Well, it's a first come first serve basis. The first five people to post here or whisper me on Occlumancy will get their name added to one of the five slots and they will receive either a lineart to a full color picture, depending on character complexity! You do not need to buy from me (although it would be appreciated) to take part in this offer.

Freebie Slots
1. Deos?
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