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Author Topic: Looking for Patch/Dream work!!  (Read 506 times)

Offline Ellie

Looking for Patch/Dream work!!
«: March 30, 2014, 11:00:23 PM»
hello! i'm looking for some people to help me code and patch a dream!

i want to make a dream based on the walking dead, and i want to make it amazing.

i'm willing to pay, but at the moment i'm rather broke, so i'd prefer a payment plan if you require money.

donations would be awesome too! or trades even. i can draw and cool stuff too that's also an option.

if interested, please whisper me on russel, note me on deviantart (ellie is my username) or PM here!


Offline Studio

Re: Looking for Patch/Dream work!!
«Reply #1: March 31, 2014, 08:40:59 AM»
I can def help you out. Dude a walking dead dream would be amazing. I myself was attempting an Assassins Creed Dream. If you need help with patching, dream weaving, scripting or overall general dream work, you can contact me on my alt Denise, or pm me.