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Author Topic: Seeking Dream weavers and patchers  (Read 454 times)

Offline Kodaksmile

Seeking Dream weavers and patchers
«: April 15, 2014, 04:30:15 AM»

I'm new to the whole dream making circuit, so will be needing a lot of help. What I'm looking for someone or a few people to help me create a dream. I will be in need of someone who can weave/script/DS/patch and then a patch artist or two. If you have both talents that would be great, but I am happy to bring in a few people to work on it.

I'm happy to pay for the time and effort, so a list of prices and things of the sort will be great. I'd love it to be unique as well, but we'll see what we can come up with.

I want this to be a very high quality dream, that flows and works well.The dream will probably be modern with an assortment of different places/sections/etc. A military base will be included either as a part of the dream or a separate part all together.

So if you're interested at all, let me know!


Offline Zim

Re: Seeking Dream weavers and patchers
«Reply #1: April 15, 2014, 12:49:29 PM»
This is not the correct place for this.

Read the stickies, please. There's a big ol' thread at the top of this section called "Guidelines" that describe this section...

This board is for searching for artists of all sorts of character art for your Furcadia characters only. This is not to be used as an "I need an artist" board, only for credit and informational purposes.

This belongs in Seeking Artwork -> Patch/Dream Work