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Author Topic: $15 awesome pixel tags wow gr8 quality kids will cry  (Read 428 times)

Offline Kerrigan

$15 awesome pixel tags wow gr8 quality kids will cry
«: April 21, 2014, 03:29:18 PM»
LOL UH okay here I go.
I'm offering $15 pixel tags. USD, and paypal only. Essentially it's the same price as one of my portraits, but the kicker is you get this really rad stylized smaller fullbody pixel of your character that you can put on your site or anywhere and they're transparent!!! It's great and your character will be chiselled out from my brain and they're really cool and you should get one.


If you want it animated keep in mind I use very basic animation, so if you want it to blink or something or have some drool dropping, that's perfectly okay.

You can either PM me *not recommended
or note me on dA, here
I'm also available on Furcadia on the alts of Kerrigan and Slut.

I am a payment upfront person for these tags, but the price and quality match well, so it's well worth your investment! Approx. times it'll take are about 3-4 days. More examples will be added when more people want some. B)

(also im comfortable only with ferals sorry!!)

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