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Author Topic: Looking for artist(s) for a few different characters [MAJOR UPDATE ~ 5/10/14]  (Read 392 times)

Offline Marameli

I'm looking for some artists to some refs/ports for my chars. Below are the chars along with their info. If you have any other questions feel free to message me.

Claire Knights - Anthro Wolf - Website
Kiariya - Neko/Feral Kitten - Shapeshifter - Website (I don't have a feral ref for her yet, but I do have refs for how I kind of want her to look)
Alexandria Hughes - Neko - Website
Starmire Chinelight - Human - Website
Horrified - Anthro Mouse - Website
Yuina - Feral Wolf - Website

  • Paypal
  • GD
  • Expiring MF gryffe (Extra: Mythical Ferian Gryffe, expires on 2015-04-11/21:05:28/Sat)

If you're interested you can either PM me here or whisper me on Claire Knights. If you post here chances are I wont see it.
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