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Author Topic: Character Art (Updated!)  (Read 425 times)

Offline Sage

Character Art (Updated!)
«: April 25, 2014, 12:51:33 PM»
Ok not sure how to do this so yay! :D

I need things to draw, so please! I will draw your characters for cheap :) Only have a few slots though, because I have a problem with keeping up with things if I have tons.

I'm ok at humans, especially women, and a little less good at men and anthros but I can try. I'm really bad at ferals but I can also try.

Full bodies for $2 (can stay as a sketch or can get digitalized)
(examples) x x

Headshot/Half Body for $1 (Can stay sketchy or can get digital colour)
(examples) x x x x


Please fill this out :) Best way to reach me is either PM or whisper the alt Najika.

Character Name:
Size: (headshot, half body, full body)
Sketch or Color:
Reference: (i love images, but I will try to go off of words too)
Anything Else?


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