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Author Topic: surplus portraits- CLOSED  (Read 549 times)

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surplus portraits- CLOSED
«: April 30, 2014, 05:28:18 PM»
CLOSED until further notice

Hello there, I'm offering portrait commissions for a very limited time.
I can draw just about whatever your heart desires, from human to anthro to feral. Just ask!

I'm currently only offering two different types of realistic ports like the examples below.

painted pixel port

normal pixel port

What I can do
Humans (Cartoony)

What I wont do
City/Man-made backgrounds
Overly complicated character


please PM me on FAZ or note me on dA @ suburbanofthefoul the list filled out below
title the note/pm "pre order & the type of commission"

my paypal is [email protected]

Name of character:
Visual reference (no websites please):
Any other info (personality of character, pose):
Type of commission (basic pixel port, etc):
Proof of payment ("your name has sent payment to..."):
How to contact you(fastest way):

operation get surplus a new tablet/cintiq is a go

thank you for taking interest in these commissions as the time has come where my tablet is running on its last legs after 5+ years of love and over-abuse. it's time to retire my buddy and as i grow as an artist i need better supplies like a cintiq, sadly they're more expensive. but from what i'm told and seen are the best in the world so that is my main goal.
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Re: surplus portraits may 5th - june 13th
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