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Author Topic: lookin todo art for a ferian skunk and/or life classics  (Read 374 times)

Offline clockwork

so hey i covet that skunk digo like nobody's business
and i'm rather fond of life classics on a mustie too.

so if you're willing to get me a year's worth of that little skunk ferian or life classics (or...both?) i'll be more than glad to draw your character.

i know what you're thinking. "i bet their art is a shoddy ms paint wolf with hair"
well sir you are about to be so wrong
cause here's samples
here's a werewolf in armor
here's some dragon gals

i can also do humans -> oh look a humany gal
feraly things -> mightyena in this case
and plague doctors (by which i mean probably anything else really) -> plague doctors yes

whisper me on furc under "cial".
first come first serve :v

i'll provide you with a sketch first, and then when i get the digo i'll finish it up for ya.

if you get me both the classics and the skunk i'll be glad to draw a pic with 2-3 characters, or two seperate character drawings.