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Author Topic: M&M Collab Portraits - $17 Unremap  (Read 896 times)

Offline Aisumi

M&M Collab Portraits - $17 Unremap
«: May 02, 2014, 11:17:27 PM»
Welcome to M&M Collaborations!(Previously CDC) We literally have a dozen of premades sketched out and will be releasing the rest in the next few days. For now, there is only one available as an example. The colors and markings can be changed upon buyers request. If anyone would like to also receive a full body reference to go along with the port, the price will be $60. All of our ports will be watermarked with a red squiggle until they are purchased for safety reasons.


Premade: Water Dragon

Unremap: $17
Remap: $21

Portrait Commissions
Lineart: $11
Unremap: $17
Remap: $21

Slots Open: 2
1. Open.
2. Open.
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