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Author Topic: Needing Samples for an Art Shop  (Read 919 times)

Offline Baubles Jr.

Needing Samples for an Art Shop
«: May 03, 2014, 09:26:03 AM»
I've decided to open an art shop because I need money (obviously). Problem is, I don't have any samples to show my stuff beyond a single port I awkwardly drew for one of my alts, which is obviously not enough for most people. This free art'll go until I finish all pieces on the list.

I can draw most things, but I specialize in human, animal/"feral", and mythological characters. I can also draw anthro, but I'm less practiced in it and will need a little more time.

A couple notes so you (and I; please don't kill me) don't get hurt:
1) Most of the time, I'll be using a tablet I have practiced very little with so pardon me if I'm a little slow to churn out art. Or when it looks weirdly smudged in places. I have no idea what I'm doing.

2) I plan on putting the art on deviantART, since y'know, samples.

3) I won't draw chibi or any sexualized characters past what Furc would call M16+. No chibi because I'm physically incapable of it and no sexualized characters because I have the mentality of an 11-year-old and get scared easily. No qualms about violence or normal gore though.

Character art:
1) Open - full colour + shading
2) Open - cel-shaded
3) Open - B/W

Full body
1) Lamia.X - full colour + shading - in progress
2) Open - cel-shaded
3) Open - B/W

Full scene
1) Open - colour
2) Open - B/W

Ref Sheets:
1) Lyncher - completed
2) Jaegerific - hiatus
3) Sage - hiatus

Furcadia Portraits
1-2) Marameli - full shading (Alex and Claire) - hiatus
3) Zyth - full shading (Vilje) - hiatus
3-5) Open - full shading
6-10) Open - cel-shaded

Whisper me on "Baubles Jr.", PM me here, or leave a reply.
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Offline Lamia.X

Re: Needing Samples for an Art Shop
«Reply #1: May 03, 2014, 03:28:47 PM»
Aaaaah! Maybe Mia in whatever you feel like doing of fullbody? x3
http://vanessa51745.deviantart.com/art/Mia-Beloved-s-Reference-390132038 (The wings are outdated though)
http://vanessa51745.deviantart.com/art/Dead-Angels-Dance-395019315 (Her second but main-ish outfit and current wings but they can be a bit smaller x3)

Offline Baubles Jr.

Re: Needing Samples for an Art Shop
«Reply #2: May 03, 2014, 04:59:14 PM»
Since you replied first, you can have full colour for full body.

Offline Lyncher

Re: Needing Samples for an Art Shop
«Reply #3: May 04, 2014, 11:39:40 AM»
I'm interested in nabbing a ref sheet spot for a character that I'm making. I've never requested a ref sheet, so please bare with me.

The alt name is Molester [No actual name picked out yet]

This character is a male anthro hybrid [Please take as much time as you like]

He is a fox and dragon mix, taking on the features of a fox with dragon wings and abilities [The wings can be 'grown' when he needs them]

He is 6 feet in height and 165 pounds. His body is fit with little muscle shown. [Though that says nothing about how strong he is] His eyes are a vibrant and bright green. His ears are long, about 2 or 3 times the length of a fennec fox's ears. His tail is bushy and long. His fur is mostly white with splotches of black around the eyes, hands, feet, back and tail. For the hair, I like the style of this, but with a low ponytail instead of a high one http://www.myfconline.com/character_avatars/250355_161695.jpg The color is black.

For his clothes he wears pin stripe black pants with polished black dress shoes, a white long sleeved button up shirt and a black pin stripe vest. A black fedora sitting atop his head.

I think that's everything, but if you need any other info or have any questions, then please send me a pm on Lyncher. Thank you.

Offline Sage

Re: Needing Samples for an Art Shop
«Reply #4: May 06, 2014, 09:25:27 AM»
I definitely would be interested in getting some ref art of a character of mine!

He doesn't really have any art, just an RPR that I can give you, and I can answer any questions you have too :>

He's a siren by the name of Kayden. His skin is white, but it looks as if it has opals in it, giving it an opalescent sheen. He has long, golden white hair that is either left untamed or in some form of braid. Usually those braids where its semi contained with like three braids towards the bottom.

He wears a golden collar around his neck to prevent him from speaking, which can be designed however you want 'cause I'm not picky. His eyes are gold, and he usually just wears simple pants or a loin cloth, which ever is easier.

Here's his RPR :>


Offline Marameli

Re: Needing Samples for an Art Shop
«Reply #5: May 06, 2014, 07:59:14 PM»
Can I get a full color port for Alex please? c: She is a neko, take as much time as you need ^_^
Here are some refs.

Also maybe I could get a second one for Claire? ^_^ She is an anthro wolf
Here are some refs for her if your interested c:
~ Claire

Offline Sarah

Re: Needing Samples for an Art Shop
«Reply #6: May 07, 2014, 07:23:23 AM»
Hello there ;A;
I'm looking for a portrait for my lovely new character, Vilje.
She's a bit tough, but at the same time shy. She always smiles tho. She's asocial. She's not one of the skinny girls. She isn't in any breed classes, just a simple "dog anthro".
A theme who fits her:

I hope I'm not late for a full shaded portrait for her? eue

Offline Lyncher

Re: Needing Samples for an Art Shop
«Reply #7: May 07, 2014, 06:26:34 PM»
Would it be alright if I nabbed a few more slots for Molester?

The first headshot and the second full body.


Offline Ashtray

Re: Needing Samples for an Art Shop
«Reply #8: June 29, 2014, 10:04:29 PM»
I'll offer up my little Avoidant for a cel-shaded full-body! http://i.imgur.com/zc9mCbq.jpg
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Offline Hebrew

Re: Needing Samples for an Art Shop
«Reply #9: June 30, 2014, 07:18:54 PM»
I'd love to have something done for Hebrew!


She wears Arabian slave silks in a color like Furcadia's Sea Blue and often wears flowers in her hair. She's a djinn, so she can also be drawn with her bound object - a little skull vial that swirls with her colors. :) I'd so much appreciate it!

Offline Zim

Re: Needing Samples for an Art Shop
«Reply #10: June 30, 2014, 09:36:25 PM»
Please do not resurrect dead threads. OP, if you would like to reuse this, feel free to PM any mod and we will be happy to unlock it for you.