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Author Topic: 5-60$ Commissions  (Read 524 times)

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5-60$ Commissions
«: May 08, 2014, 11:00:45 AM»
My commission log is finally clearing up so I thought it was time to prepare for opening commissions!

Here is my dA:


My strengths are in coloring, though I have not had many other than portraits. Also I guess I would say I am good at portraits and busts but have been improving heavily on m ability to draw full bodies, and interesting poses. I also enjoy designing/drawing clothing.

I am okay drawing humans, anthros, and ferals though I tend to have more experience drawing women. I have been trying to improve on males though so as you can see in my gallery I draw them too!

My prices:
5$   Mini icon/drawing of some kind
10$ Face Sketch
15$ Bust Sketch/Lineart/
20$ Portrait Commission, Non remap/ Full body Sketch or B/W shading Face and Bust
25$ B/W Full Body shading/Lineart
30$ Full Body Flat color/Sketch of "full render" drawing
40$ Full Color/Full body - no background/ B/W Of "full render" drawing

50$ Full Color Ref sheet with Front/Back (Additional poses/accessories etc can be added starting at 10$ but please talk to me about specifics because I won't overcharge for extras (I won't undercharge either! ha!)

60$ The beezkneez! Full rendering, with background at large resolution! and it can be anything you want.

Extra details start at 5$, 10$ for extra characters (aside from sketches)

Aside from sketches, which payment is received after the sketch is complete;
payment is expected half at the time the base colors are placed and it is ready for painting, and half upon completion.

Past and future past commissioners have the option of paying after I complete the drawing.

Lastly, I sometimes except digos (lifers only) and port spaces/animated port spaces.

And if you have a cool alt name, maaaaybe. But I rarely look for these.

I will assume a commission based on what you are willing to trade, if you have something specific (i.e portrait, full render full body) etc then please let me know and only tell me the things you are willing to part with for the commission you desire.

Also pp and trading can be combined.

I also sometimes accept art trades. It depends on the art style and if I have any characters or friends in need of art!

Hopefully that's all you need, the best way to contact me would be to pm or leave a message on Furcadia at Shroomers, or a note on dA. You can also reply here but for any info on commission details it's best to send pm. I will see msgs fast on Furcadia and dA opposed to here.

oh! And if you want to jump right in, here's some stuff that will help me with your drawing!

- RPR or good description
- Character Refs
- RL Clothing, Hair, Accessories ref if you don't have any character refs
- Pose, scene or other information that you want specifically if you do not want me to take artistic liberty
- Mood or expression of character or piece

P.S if you dont have much on your character (new wip chars etc) and are hoping for me to help design please let me know :)


Offline Shroomers

Re: 5-60$ Commissions
«Reply #1: May 12, 2014, 05:09:43 PM»
Currently offering 3 for the price of 2 until 05/15! 2 spots left.