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Author Topic: SP1EGEL / Spiegel - partial alert  (Read 514 times)

Offline Army

SP1EGEL / Spiegel - partial alert
«: May 17, 2014, 06:48:14 PM»
This person - SP1EGEL on dA and Spiegel on furcadia, came to me in September of last year, asking if I knew anyone who would want a commission for $40 - I had worked with them previously and they were slow but got the job done, so I wasn't worried.

They've been on and off at least twice to apologize for delays, asking me for a renewal of reference info and to tell them what I wanted.
Last time they contacted me was 03/24/14.

I'm wondering where this artist is, if they've been active or not, because I'd like a refund of my $40 dollars at this point. I'd rather not post a warning just yet, but it is a fair amount of cash, so...

contact: army/leaf