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Author Topic: Cheap sketches, lines, flat color, busts, fullbodies, etc! Humans and furries!  (Read 468 times)

Offline Kanei

I'm in desperate need of some dollas. Like, bad. And I really want to do some art.

SO. Here I am. I'll give you some flat prices.

$2 hella messy sketches.
$3 refined sketches, cleaner lines.
$5 lines.
$7 flat color.

PAYPAL ONLY! You must allot me at least a week to finish your commission, although it's terribly likely I will be done in a few days or even just a day, depending on what's going on in my life.

Will draw fully clothed, semi-clothed, nude, porn, ref sheets, what the hell ever, we'll work it out.

PM me on here or reply to this thread.

Sample that desperately needs to be finished and the lines and eyes need fixing and frankly that penis is there as proof that I can draw them.
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