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Author Topic: Cheap chibis, sketches, refs, flats, and finished art! [Paypal]  (Read 417 times)

Offline Gaz-Monster

    Hello!  I'm back, but with a new thread... the old one is too messy and out of date.   ;D  PM me or send me a note on Deviantart (Gaz-Monster) if interested, please!

Price list:
$3 -- Chibis
$3-5 -- Sketches
$7  -- Flat color Headshots
$10 -- Flat color Waist-ups
$10 -- Shaded Headshots
$20 -- Shaded Waist-ups
$20 -- Character Reference Sheets[/li][/list]

***I can only accept Paypal for payment.


*New example:  Commission for LegalizeSleaze

Information I need:
  • What type of commission you want
  • Reference Image(s)/Detailed Description
  • Best way to contact you

***I'll send you a preview once I've gotten the sketch or lines down (for the $10+ commissions, not the chibis/sketches) for your approval before moving on to make sure that everything is okay!

***Things I can't/won't draw:
  • Nudity/Sexually explicit content
  • Mecha
  • Animals (quads; furries/anthros are ok!)
  • Gore

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Offline Gaz-Monster

EDIT:  Added new chibi examples!