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Author Topic: Sarah Flame - stolen ports (RESOLVED)  (Read 1695 times)

Offline Snow Spirit

Sarah Flame - stolen ports (RESOLVED)
«: June 02, 2014, 03:50:54 PM»
I spoke with Sarah Flame earlier about one of her portraits. She said up front that the portrait was given to her by her sister and that she knows she's not supposed to have it. She also says that her aunt is going to talk to the owners of Furcadia and have it removed, though even saying that she still has the portrait on and is running around with it. but here is a screenshot:

Original: http://emo.deviantart.com/art/Port-Calixte-303979944

Public logs:
(15:33:13) Sarina: I don't think you're allowed to use someone elses port. o.o
(15:33:19) Screenshot saved here.
(15:33:39) Sarah flame: Your not but i just downloaded it so my aunt is gonna get on and talk to the owner
(15:33:46) Sarah flame: Of furcadia
(15:33:57) Sarina: ah, okay

She has another portrait, that looks completely different from her ref and I looked at freebie ports and it didn't seem like one, though I could be completely wrong. But this port(if it is a freebie port, I will remove it). portrait is also non-remap:

And I don't want to be mean to Sarah Flame or anything, she is a very sweet girl and is an interesting person to talk to. :)

Edit 3:56 PM:
Sarah is STILL using the stolen portrait.

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I lost my cherries due to an incident with Jell-O


Offline Zim

Re: Sarah Flame - stolen ports
«Reply #1: June 02, 2014, 05:04:14 PM»
Second one is a portrait by Jpak for Decline.


The process for reporting the stolen art includes the artist (not this girl's aunt) sending an email to [email protected]

More information about reporting stolen art can be found here

Edit: I have sent notes to both artists on dA. I don't know a better way to contact Jpak unfortunately.
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Offline Snow Spirit

Re: Sarah Flame - stolen ports
«Reply #2: June 02, 2014, 05:25:01 PM»
Alright, I sent a note to the person who made the first port.. so hopefully this gets dealt with. Thanks for your help Zim. I'll wait for both artists to have the ports removed before I can consider this thread resolved. :)
I lost my cherries due to an incident with Jell-O