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Author Topic: Hoenn Region! More Volenteer Patchers NEEDED!  (Read 593 times)

Offline Snow Body

Hoenn Region! More Volenteer Patchers NEEDED!
«: June 09, 2014, 02:15:51 PM»
Hello, this is Snow Body once again opening up volunteer work for the Hoeen Hype tra-- I mean, for the Hoenn Region dream!  COMPLETELY based off the game!
Volunteerss won't currently be paid, as I don't have money... However, they WILL be given sertian benefits!
CURRENTLY we only offer all Locals, a PERMANANT home or base, and access to the item they have made for us.  There WILL BE MORE BENEFITS COMING.

What we currently are looking for patch-wise:

- someone who is very good at making waterfalls

- Someone capable of making good floors

- Somene who can make a few kinds of Animated Doors for us


Currently this is all we need.  That isn't to say that we won't need help later on, but if you are able to help us, whisper Snow Body!

Information on the dream can be found here: 

It's mine, I licked it!