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Author Topic: 4 Portraits! Human and Anthro. [Closed]  (Read 473 times)

Offline Karneval

4 Portraits! Human and Anthro. [Closed]
«: July 03, 2014, 03:50:49 AM»
Hey there, I'm looking to fill 4 empty portraits for 4 very different characters.
I can pay via furc items/GD or paypal, BUT heres the catch, I can only pay about 35-45$ for the bunch.
I'd prefer to do half upfront and half upon completion as well, if thats possible.

As for the characters, they go like this:

Atti - Early 20's human woman; Skin tanned by the desert, Shes worn and rugged around the edges. Her hair is a dirty blonde/brown pulled back into a messy pony tail, but her long bangs hang out to the side of her face. She usually has a pair of old goggles on her forehead and a bandana around her neck.
She generally wears a dirty and ripped tank top, bandolier, leather fingerless gloves, two belts *one ill fitted that hangs off her hip, both hold bullets and a knife is attached to one* Dirty, torn and patched jeans, with mid calf leather boots, scuffed. (Background if possible; Mojave desert)

Spryte - Human. Early/mid 20's male, shaggy pomade hairstyle. Wears long sleeved shirt *sometimes sleeves rolled up to his elbow*, low v neck thats loosely closed by twine. Black open vest over shirt. Worn black jeans and boots beneath that. Smokes frequently but would prefer if image could be of him just exhaling smoke. He's got flat black tats on his shoulders and arms of ravens flying, barely visible under the shirt.

Rhode - Anthro dilute red merle Australian shepherd (can give picture refs), Female, early 20's. long, wild and untamed dark auburn hair with icy blue eyes. Very happy and excitable character, would love for that to show in the port. Wears a loose fitting tank top and fitted jeans cut off at the knees. (Background if possible of trees or farmland, or better yet a lake or creek, something very sunny and cheerful)

Karneval - Typical insane ring master. Disheveled, shaggy hair hanging in his face, crooked smile. Wears a long frock/ring masters twin tailed coat, black pants and knee length boots. Usually has a top hat and cane, whip strapped to his side. Occasional masquerade mask.

If this is fine with you, or you want to work something out you can message me here; on furc on any of the above characters or at wasteland-raider.tumblr.com
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