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Author Topic: (closed) Character Commissions!  (Read 1212 times)

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(closed) Character Commissions!
«: July 08, 2014, 09:33:29 PM»
I am only accepting:
Second Life Lindens
2500 L = ~$10
MF Gryffe

1 space = $4

I have started creating small pixels that I dub "smolls." They look like this and I can make you one of your fursona or character for $2! They are transparent and you can use them for whatever you like!

Commission information, copied from my Tumblr blog:

  • furries, feral animals, pokemon, anything else non-human that resembles an animal (fnaf animatronics i guess?)
  • nsfw, robots, people. i dont have anything against these, just not used to drawing them for other people.


  • $2 to $7 for a sketch
  • $4 to $10 for lines
  • $6 to $15 for flat coloring (little to no shading)
  • additional characters are +$3
  • backgrounds are +$1, i can’t do super complex stuff so it’ll more than likely just be some neat color gradient
  • price will depend on what you want, and ill usually base them on how much of the body is being shown or the complexity of the character, ex. a sketch of the head of your character could be ~$2 and a full body with flats can be ~$12
  • price will be determined after the sketch is drawn

I ask for payment after I have your approval with the sketch. If you don't like the sketch, I can toss it and create another one for an additional $2 added to the payment already standing for your commission, or we can stop the order altogether.

Before you send me payment through Paypal, I kindly request that you mark your billing address as "No address needed" so Paypal will not think I'm attempting to scam. Also, PLEASE send payment through "Pay for Goods/Services" and not through "Send money to friends/family" as it's against PayPal TOS to dodge the payment fee and my account can be frozen as a result.

Second Life payments will have to be paid to me in-game. Please ask me what alt I want any Furcadia items on before giving them to me.

You can contact me by email ([email protected]) or on Furcadia via whisper (Joshy).

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Re: (OPEN/update) Commissions!
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