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Author Topic: 5 GD Sketches  (Read 455 times)

Offline Snow Body

5 GD Sketches
«: July 09, 2014, 08:25:21 AM»
Hello, I am Sephirens. 

I am currently selling some quick Sketches of your choice for 5 GD or Port Spaces.


What I can do:

- Feral

- Pokemon

- Anime

- Furre

- Mobian

- Ect

*Just whisper me and ask, basically.  I can do just about anything!*


Examples can be found here:


And also here:




The time it takes for the typical sketch I do is anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the detail.

If you are going to want a detailed sketch, the price is subjected to change.

Simple Sketches with ONE figure (Person, animal, ect) will be 5 GD flat.  I will take Port Spaces and life Digos also.

Adding another Character to a sketch will cost an additinal 5 GD.

If you want a Detailed Sketch it will range from 10 to 15 GD, no exceptions.  Detail will be judged by me BEFORE I start the comission, so that you can see if it is fair or not. 

If you wish to offer something else; just ask me.

I prefer that you whisper me on Furcadia if you wish to get a commission off of me.

I don't offer refunds.

Pay upon me saying it is finished (No you won't be getting a preview of this one sadly, as it is just a sketch.)

I would PREFER that you have the money before you commission me.

Have questions?  PM me or whisper Sephirens. 
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