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Author Topic: Commissioning art/ports!!!!  (Read 497 times)

Offline Spooki

Commissioning art/ports!!!!
«: July 16, 2014, 02:56:54 PM»
I've slowly been selling off all my extra alts to focus on pretty much one and one alone so that being said I'd really like to spoil said character with artwork and ports!! If you are interested then PLEASE leave examples/pricing here!

Character Details:
- Female anthro purrwing (has a feral form!)
- Has 3 wing styles (dragon, feathered, butterfly)
- Harem/Exotic clothing with accessories

- Ports (non-remap, pixel or painted or a mix of both. $10-$30 range)
- Sketches (colored or not. $5-$20 range)
- Colored pieces (flat or shaded, with or without backgrounds. $10-$30)

- Paypal
- GDs
- Alts/Designs

- PM here
- Whisper Spooki on Furc
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