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Author Topic: <B> Nagas, lamias, anthro fish, mermaids, fae, vampires, angels, humans, etc.  (Read 610 times)

Offline Hebrew

Looking for these kinds of designs, preferably female.

Offering: Paypal, ported/designed alts, lifers: Direhound, Harten, Foxen, Kirin, Ghostie, Purrwing.
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Offline Spooki

I've got this lovely gal, I originally played her as an Unseelie/Evil Faerie - http://i.imgur.com/vnJnIxl.png & crop I used as an icon for her RPR - - $10 Paypal
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I can be reached on Furc as Spooki

Offline gaga

Since you are not offering a service or any sort of premade work for sale, your topic has been moved to a more appropriate section.