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Author Topic: quick/cheap ports (and other art options)!  (Read 649 times)

Offline Dancingcoyote

quick/cheap ports (and other art options)!
«: August 07, 2014, 01:18:52 PM»
•Ports are $10 an hour- I can do ports relevtively quick so the final price of a single port is normally around $14-$20 but can be higher or lower than estimated depending on design and what the client wants
•Matching port sets are also available!
•I can draw anything from monsters, quads, animalistic or "flat-faced" anthros, humanoids, etc
•I also offer fullbody colored and sketch commissions! For more info on my commissions, how my pricing works, what I will and won't draw, and how to order from me, see the link below

---> http://coyoteprince.tumblr.com/commissions <----