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Author Topic: Design Contest! $125 in prizes!  (Read 644 times)

Offline Banquo

Design Contest! $125 in prizes!
«: August 12, 2014, 10:48:30 AM»
You read right. I’m hosting a DESIGN contest where the full payout is $125. I MIGHT be more if I get this new job that I’m looking into. But for now, the total pay out is $125.

First Place is $100

Second Place is $25

YES - I’m wanting TWO designs for a set of characters I have.

All art MUST be your own!!!
No using BASES... I want original art.
If you use a reference, LIST THE REFERENCE YOU USED. THANKS.
Anyone caught cheating/ripping art WILL be disqualified and reported.
If I don't select your design, YOU get to keep it. You can sell it, keep, give it away, idc. Lol I might even just buy some off people who don't win.
If I don't find a design that I like, I have a right to end the contest. But chances are, I'll like too many designs. LOL

What I’m looking for~

Well, I’ve got a Knight character who’s more or less not human. He’s covered, head to toe in black armor - this is where your creations come in. You can add wings, horns on the armor, and/or scales. Something awesome. He needs to look completely badass, dangerous and intimidating with his armor and weapon(s).

For this contest, I’d really like good quality, considering how much I’m forking out for this. A good reference piece - it would be cool to have a background too, but not necessary; if you do do a background, could I also have one with a transparent BG? For a website?

ANYWAYS… If you want extra credit points, you could also do a portrait! If for those who don’t play furcadia and don’t know what “portrait” means (other than head shots) it’s a 95x95 icon for a game I play. Also, other forms of art would give you more brownie points to, but I don’t expect to get anymore than a reference piece and maybe a portrait.

This character is hostile, mean, and extremely dangerous - he’s going to be used in a story I’m writing, as well as a character in-game on Furcadia.

I MIGHT ADD MORE MONEY TO THE CONTEST… It really depends on how awesome the designs come out, as well as whether or not I get this job that I’m looking at. I have a job, yes, so don’t worry. I will be able to pay you. It’s just not paying as much as this new one would.

End Date: October 4th


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