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Author Topic: Art Contest!!!  (Read 693 times)

Offline Orika

Art Contest!!!
«: September 25, 2014, 07:16:07 PM»
I've had this alt forever, and I've finally made a character design for her. She has a few ports, and some fan art, but I want to see other people draw her. She's a female kitsune (imagine a human with fox ears and nine fox tails, so no fur on her body.)

This contest is for character/reference sheets, character art, and ports.

Here is her art/references:

There are going to be three prize tiers for this contest. A first, second, and third place prize will be awarded.
First place: Life Butterfly Wings + Life Rabben + One Portrait Space
Second Place: Life Owlen + One Portrait Space
Third Place: Two Portrait Spaces

This contest will be closed on November 10th, 2014. If I have a lot of people sign up for the contest that don't have entries made, I may extend the due date.

Since I did create this character, all art submitted to me for this contest will belong to me, even if you don't place in the top three. If you do not want me to have your art, if you don't place, just talk to me and I will not use it if you do not want me to; but if the art resembles my character and you try to sell the art, please make sure you make edits to make it look nothing like Enthrallment.

I am online 24/7, but I am AFK when I am at work or sleeping. If you wish to enter this contest, whisper me on Enthrallment or PM me. I will add you onto the entrant list, and will make an 'x' beside your name when you turn in an entry.

Other rules:

You may enter as many pieces of art as you wish.

This will be an anonymous contest; please don't post your art on deviantART/FA/FAZ until the contest is over. I don't want any artist to be discouraged if they think another contestant's art is better than their own.

All port ratings are accepted, since she is a nude character. If you wish to draw clothing on her, think of a gypsy goddess type of style with sheer, see-through silk and minimal coverage.

If you decide to make a remappable portrait, here is her color string and placement of colors.
Furc color string: t8%#<)#(;;;#%$
What goes where: (For the option above, used better as a picture ref than writing)
-Fur: skin
-Markings: tails
-Hair: hair
-Eyes: eyes
-Badge: N/A
-Bracers:golden chains around tails
-Vest: tail patterns (and the silk around her bust if you draw her clothed)
-Cape: N/A
-Trousers: N/A (unless you decide to draw her with her silk garments, it's the silk that covers below her waist)

whisper me or PM me if you wish to enter (: