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Author Topic: Looking for natural floors and trees + fall/winter versions!  (Read 555 times)

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Looking for natural floors and trees + fall/winter versions!
«: September 29, 2014, 12:02:35 AM»
Hey there!
I run the dream PokeZone with a few others, and we've been sorta stagnant for a while. Mostly because I'm very, very, very slowly working on remaking the dream in a totally different direction. Not the whole minigame thing. That's not where we want to be, anymore.

And I am stuck! I need some resources pretty badly, 'cause I'm not satisfied with the free patches available for me in this context.
So, yeah, two things in particular, which I am wanting to commission one or two artists for. You don't have to do both, though you can if you want.
I can pay you in Paypal or GDs, it's up to you. We can negotiate price to what you feel is fair for your quality of work and the time you will put in. I do not want to underpay you, so I'm not throwing out a set price here.

1) I need a fresh set of floors. Grass, with an autumn version, snow, dirt, sand or gravel (artist's choice -- I have no preference which and don't need both), transition between grass/snow and those, and water would be nice, too.

2) A set of purely deciduous trees. As in, no evergreens, no pines. They'll need to all have fall colors and lose their leaves in the winter. I don't need a huge variety of trees. Ten at the very most. I'd like one or two trees with pink blossom alternates. These trees can be based on real trees or just whatever unspecified trees. Just not huge, not tiny like the default trees, and they need to be defined with an outline, not a lineless style.

If you're interested, pop me a PM here on FAZ or catch me in-game and we can talk. I'm usually on Blastoise, but I've been using Sylveon lately.
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