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Author Topic: Seeking Artists - Mental Hospital Patches ($$$)  (Read 591 times)

Offline therianthrope

Seeking Artists - Mental Hospital Patches ($$$)
«: October 08, 2014, 09:37:24 PM»
I am seeking multiple artists for custom patches for a recreation of my dream, The Dry Times Mental Hospital. I am offering either PayPal or Golden Dragon Scales, depending on what is more convenient for the artist. I will need the following types of artwork for the dream:

- Items
- Floors
- Walls
- Effects
- Skin
- Portraits
- Avatars

I will be able to pay multiple artists, so if you are able to work on any aspects of the dream please let me know. I can be contacted in-game on 'therianthrope' or preferably via PM here.
Shiro Ulv
Wulf Howl


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