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Author Topic: [S]: All sorts of arts!  (Read 713 times)

Offline Horsemen

[S]: All sorts of arts!
«: October 10, 2014, 08:58:34 PM»
All Art Located Here: http://sta.sh/2q8vcunq2kk?edit=1

So, I have been going through a lot of my art and noticed I have a ton that I'm not really using ;u;
A few of them I've had for ages and figured I'd give them some time, but I know they could do better elsewhere.

Note Before You Offer: I'm accepting USD through paypal only for these ;u; If I've accepted your offer, I'll drop you a PM with my paypal, and then send you a link with the image and remove it from the sales sta.sh once I've received the payment!

* I'm really not picky at all with prices, I just want to make sure these guys go to a new home! ;;
* Please make the offer, I suck at prices, and usually seeing what people want to offer gives me an idea of what its worth!
* Serious offers only please, I'm super understanding and nice, but I will ignore any unfair offers (aka $1 for something worth a good bit more).
* Designs that are marked as Iffy I'm a bit hesitant on, but it does not mean I'll make you pay $40 for it. So please do not be afraid to test the waters. These are more or less ones I'd just like a bit more than say $10 for or something. ;__;
* I can hang onto a design for up to a week! ;o; So please specify how long it may take you, and I'll give you a week from the day you asked for the hold. After that time is up, I'll put it back up for sale for someone else to take, or contact the last person that messaged me about it.

Feel free to post here, post on the Images in the stash, drop me a PM on DA, or drop me a PM on here c: