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Author Topic: $10 Sparkle Ports! [CLOSED]  (Read 1140 times)

Offline Eevee

$10 Sparkle Ports! [CLOSED]
«: October 24, 2014, 06:38:30 PM»

$10 USD only!
Digital, cell shade, sparkles everywhere!
payment up front!


Current Queue
1.) demi (FA) - paid, sketching!
2.) KeLou (dA) - paid, sketching!

3.) HieiNatsunaJaganshi (dA) - paid, sketching!

How to contact me:
Furcadia: Fifi
deviantART: LittleMacarons
FurAffinity: Eevee
FAM: Eevee
FAZ: Eevee

Mini TOS

Paypal USD only!

Payment is due upfront before I start sketching.

I do not do refunds.

I will not change the commission into another character after you've approved the sketch.

I do not draw ferals or monsters.

Image references only. I do not work from text descrpitions alone.

Turn-around is about a week.

I do not work on commissions during weekends.

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