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Author Topic: Seeking Port and Art  (Read 395 times)

Offline Bubbleh

Seeking Port and Art
«: November 26, 2014, 12:49:53 AM»
Hello~! I'm seeking art for my oc Bubbleh. I have a reference for him, but since his first encounter with his companion, he has been having quite a few additions added. If you're interested, just comment below with your asking price and examples! c:

Anyways, down to what he looks like. This is his original appearance.

Additions added:
Waist training: (Meaning that, unless he is asleep, he will be wearing a corset. Whether it be a typical corset or a waist cincher, I don't mind which type you choose~)
Hair: (It is no longer that short. In fact, his hair tumbles down to his lower back. Curls at the ends. If coloured: Gradients from his blue to a pink at the bottom. You can do whatever hair style you wish~ Clearly, he has a lot of hair to work with. :3 )
Lips: (His has pouty lips.)
Piercings: (A diamond stud in his left nostril.)

Bubbleh LOVES thigh-high socks. Is barely ever seen without a pair. You can go nuts as fair as what designs are on them~

Those are just a few things to keep in mind, but as far as poses, outfits, etc - Go crazy! I will love anything! I will be thankful for even one view to this~ <3