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Author Topic: Seeking human artist  (Read 365 times)

Offline Grym

Seeking human artist
«: December 18, 2014, 10:50:14 AM»
First off - I'm willing to pay in PayPal, furcadia items/Scales, trades and I am open to suggestions.

I want to commission someone to draw me and a group of my friends. I'm open to different styles, but I want something fun and that expresses each of our personalities. I may want to do individual images of each of us together also. I do not want anything animalistic - I want us all to remain human. We are real people, I just know I can find a really talented artist and I'd rather pay someone from here than to look elsewhere.

The idea - I would like to be sitting in the middle, I am a woman. All of my friends are men and I would like them encircling me. Right now we're looking at maybe 6 total characters. I KNOW this is a bunch! I'm looking for quality and price.

I have reference photos, personality details. I would like to work closely with you to get an accurate idea of them. I want them to be able to point their selves out without me telling.

This is very cool really. All of these men are Russians and I am learning Russian and studying with them. I want to surprise them with the image for their Christmas and New year which is in January. PM me here, send me an email to [email protected] I'm not in furcadia very often, only to scout pixel art work so you can't reach me on my character.

I hope you will help me with this special request! I want to see examples and prices please and thank you!