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Author Topic: *~~GOLDEN~~*  (Read 1087 times)

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«: June 14, 2008, 09:25:20 PM»
I think it's nicer to review artists rather than alt trades, idk, there's just more effort put into art I think, hahaaaa.

so here it goes:

dalia - hot damn, she's got probably the cutest style around, IMO. she's not furc active, but she kept in contact regularly, didn't push about payments and did two AMAZINGLY ADORABLE ports for my alts Cherry and Miller (AND NOW she's done a port for all my alts hohooho obsessed). HIGHLY recommended, fast, CHEAP, easy to talk with and just all around a nice lady~

lockstep - woahh, what can i say. i remember being all #SO about her art back when I was like thirteen, so rediscovering her AND being able to commission her is just awesome~ bought a premade, she let me edit it!! and commissioned her for my absolutely FAVORITE port yet fo' Goldie. And she was INCREDIBLY fast, recieved the port the same day I sent her my info, so whoop whoop!

jenni - bought two premades from her, one she let me edit~

Tillette - can't remember her furc name, but gawlee, she does such cute stuff. commissioned her for a CHIBI VERSION OF CHERRY and it was hella cute~ cheap and fast and sooo pretty.

SUCHTIGA - commissioned her at one point AND WAS MUCHO SATISFIED, she has such a warped style, it's totally killer.
go, go go, pay her money for things!!

Trex - was soooooooo lucky to be able to commission her twice for two AMAZING ports, for both Goldie and Miller. Easy to talk to, got both characters perfectly and an incredibly pleasant person! highly recommended, her work is consistently gorgeous in my opinion~ YES got a johnny port from her and it's superb. love everything she does.

Warhammer - not really a commission (art trade) but her side was so HOT, I had to put her in here. She's not as active on furc anymore, I think (BABIES) but she's still worth checking out, to the NTH degree, yo. CHECK HER OUT ON FA also, she does a lot of commission work there.

Adielle - so easy to talk with, and a huge inspiration on my art- her works are amaaaazing and i was lucky to get to commish her stuff before she sorta shut-down. I don't know if she's still open for anything, but her work is too fantastic to pass up.

Faenikins - she was my first port commission everrrrr and I was soooo happy with what she produced. Incredibly cute, no rush payment and the finished product only took about a week!

Noxturnal - My goddd, she was so fast. Did a port for cannibal and it was EXCELLENT, exactly what I wanted. A litttttle pricey, but vry vry worth it.

Aqua Dark - OH my GOD, she did a fantastic goldie port, got the spookycycle to a T. I was absolutely amazed by the port n she was cheap and quick! SUPER recommended.

if I forgot youuu, let me know, i lav saying nice things about amazing artwork guys~<3
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Re: *~~GOLDEN~~*
«Reply #1: June 14, 2008, 09:30:30 PM»
I just started posting my art on here but... What do you think of mine? ^-^;;
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Re: *~~GOLDEN~~*
«Reply #2: June 14, 2008, 10:01:22 PM»
awww god! youre so nice to say these things about everyone. thank you so much

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Re: *~~GOLDEN~~*
«Reply #3: October 30, 2008, 02:09:47 PM»
added some ladies!
Everyone had got something in hand cept natty dread

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Re: *~~GOLDEN~~*
«Reply #4: October 31, 2008, 07:23:41 AM»
Awww, your too sweet, darlin'.  <3  I just felt awful when I left the net for a while.  I had given you your first piece and second sketch but never had the chance to finish at the time.  I really hope I was able to make up for it with the new piece I had done of Cannibal for you!

As for inspiration, I love your style, the grunge feel is so awesome.  One of these days we need to art trade.  :p
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