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Author Topic: Seeking- animated portrait(s)  (Read 458 times)

Offline Spooki

Seeking- animated portrait(s)
«: January 03, 2015, 12:03:18 PM»
I'm currently on the lookout for someone or someones to do a few different animated portraits for my sorceress who has two main forms; gryffe and winged cat.

I'm looking to spend between $15 - $30 a port, possibly more and I'm open to negotiation!

The animations I'm after include the following (this isn't to say I want all of them in one single port):
- glowing eyes (possibly markings as well)
- magic casting
- smiling
- flipping the pages of a book

I'm offering the following payment wise:
- Alts
- Designs
- Lifers
- Paypal

Contact methods:
- Reply to this thread
- PM here
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