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Author Topic: Done - saving for next time.  (Read 537 times)

Offline Asia

Done - saving for next time.
«: January 04, 2015, 06:28:38 PM»
Done. Saving for next time because we're gonna commission for more ports later.

Hello! I'm looking for a port artist to do a cute friendship port for two of my best friends and I, so in total three ports BUT connected.

All three of us are pitching in to pay for this group port but nothing like $15 per port/person because we don't have that kind of money. More of a reasonable price, probably looking going $5 at the most maybe $10 depending on the art. If you can make a deal with us that's great too!

We're also looking for a reliable artist who'll keep in touch with us as well nor keep us waiting months to a year. Also who's comfortable with working on cute chibis or anything that's cute, also that can do both anthro/humans and ferals.

- We're all females
- We do have anthros and feral forms.
- Very close of friends, been friends for years. <3
- Will give refs in whispers/pms.

Some ideas on the port art:
x or x

- Paypal * Mainly
- Portrait Spaces
- Dragonscales

I work four days a week so PMing me here is the best option or leave a Whisper to my alts, Emmy/Charizard otherwise you can contact my friend Cara[b/], who's on a lot more than I am; that way we can discuss prices and other details.

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