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Author Topic: Commissions open~!  (Read 664 times)

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Commissions open~!
«: February 28, 2015, 01:03:55 AM»
I accept paypal only right now
Everything you see is up for discussion, I don't mind negotiating if you are strapped for cash or just want to know if your request falls under something simpler or more complex than what I have listed.
If you are interested in anything please send me either an email at
[email protected]
Or you can contact me on Furcadia on my character Kitom
Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for a cheaper deal on something I am always happy to work with you if I can!

An example of a floating .GIF Character would be these:

(It needs to be said if one is purchassed it will not have the white pixels, these are purely examples and were made in a bit of haste so I had something to show ^^;)

I can also make things like donation or progress bars like this:

Before you commission me
please read my few disclaimers:
1. If you are polite to me I will be polite in return. Please remember this is my job and I can refuse service if you are rude.

2. What I make for you is yours to keep but please don't resell or use the image as your own. I work very hard at this and would appreciate credit, I only work word of mouth right now.

3. What I make is for personal use only, please do not commission me for something and use it as a logo or anything that will gain you cash without asking me first. I do have commercial prices all you have to do is ask.

4. I ask for half the payment up front and half after I am finished, sadly I have been taken advantage of too many times in the past and prefer it this way. If it is an issue I am willing to talk about it, but usually I prefer payment this way.

5. You will be given one rough watermarked sketch of your character before I continue and another update as I make major progress or changes. If you don't give me an idea of when you want updates on the progress I will assume you only want one as big changes are made (I.E. Coloring, changes to position, cleaning up, ect.) I will only progress as you approve each step. This is your character and you are paying me for a service, I want to be sure you get what you want and are happy! (Otherwise it's such a waste of my time and your money!)

6. If something isn't to your liking please let me know! I will be more than happy to make changes as are needed up to the shaded coloring stage. If your image is in need of color changes while I am still adding basic colors I will be more than happy to make them but if I have started the shading process please know it's too difficult to make changes and will not be able to. Only approve each stage as you like it, that makes life easier on us both. The only exception to this is small things like jewelry or small items that are simple to change or fix.

Commission sheet
please fill this out when you contact me :3
What type of picture would you like? [Chest up bust, chibi gif, chibi drawing, full body (Specify from the knees up or feet included please)]
What coloring are you purchasing? [Black and white, line art, basic coloring, full color shading]

What character am I drawing for you?
[Please give me a reference image (If possible) and a full description as in depth as you can give me, I want to be sure you are getting just what you want so the more detail I have the better! Facial expression ideas, personality ideas, and how your character may prefer standing or sitting is always a plus~]

Would you like a background? [Backgrounds will be a basic colour of my choosing unless specified otherwise. For an actual background add $5 to the above prices. If it is an image you desire please specify the area you would like, if possible shoot me a google image for basic idea if you don't have one no biggie! Just be sure you describe what you want well so I can make you just what you want.]

Character's expression/pose preference?
[What pose/facial expression would you like? If you don't fill this one in you will get a neutral expression/standing pose, don't mind doing that but please let me know if you want them smiling, angry, crying, ect. Sitting, standing flying, ect. I will do my very best to get your character to look just how you want them to so be as specific as you can!]

Any special items or outfits not mentioned above? [Bags, earrings, specialty shirts/jeans/dress/suit, anything you may have missed mentioning above, if you have a reference of any sort it would be greatly appreciated, if not just give me the best description you can!]
Explicit at all? [This is here on the off chance I am asked to make a nude/explicit drawing. I am not the best at drawing nudity, but if you ask I will do my best. Please know that if this option is selected I will need VERY specific information on the expression/stance as to get your character just how you want them.]
Current que and progress:

Thanks for looking!
If you want to find more examples of my style or would like to contact me in another way please visit my Deviantart.

Thanks and have a wonderful day~ ^_^
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Offline Kitom

Re: Commissions open~!
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Having a sale for a limited time!
Check here for prices: