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Author Topic: Kings Character Art and Animation! USD Only  (Read 355 times)

Offline Kingkaijuice

Kings Character Art and Animation! USD Only
«: March 17, 2015, 05:51:22 PM»
Hey all, I'm looking to do some character art of all sorts. My main strongsuit is humanoid characters, but also don't mind jumping into more anthro territory!

My process usually works with receiving a payment, giving you a sketch to look at and get your OK, and then moving onto the final piece. I also am happy to do reasonable fixes/edits if things go smooth!

Examples of Pricing(10% off for month of March)

Not mentioned is price of non-full bodies. -$10 for headshots and -$5 for busts

Examples of other work:

I also do animation!

From Complex stuff:

- to simple(and not so simple) stills:

Animation prices range from $45-$200 depending on different variables, like complexity, # of frames and so on.

Feel free to PM if your interested in anything!

I can also be contacted through my Deviantart, where more of my work can be viewed!