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Author Topic: $5-$10 flat colors for a limited time!  (Read 435 times)

Offline Kitom

$5-$10 flat colors for a limited time!
«: April 05, 2015, 02:15:51 AM»
For the next couple weeks I'm offering color busts for $5 and full body with basic color palette for $10.
Currently I am accepting paypal only and prices are USD.

$10 examples:

$5 examples:

I will accept NSFW images.

I will try to turn out your commission as quickly as I can and will update you every step of the way as your image is created.

These are for personal use only.

Please contact me either in PM here, via email (link), or on my Deviantart (link)[/size]

Please fill out this form for a commission:

What character am I drawing for you? [Please give me a reference image (If possible) and a full description as in depth as you can give me, I want to be sure you are getting just what you want so the more detail I have the better!]

Character's expression/pose preference? [What pose/facial expression would you like? If you don't fill this one in you will get a neutral expression/standing pose, I don't mind doing that but please let me know if you want them smiling, angry, crying, ect. Sitting, standing, hovering, ect. I will do my very best to get your character to look just how you want them to so be as specific as you can!]

Any special items or outfits not mentioned above? [Bags, earrings, specialty shirts/jeans/dress/suit, anything you may have missed mentioning above, if you have a reference of any sort it would be greatly appreciated, if not just give me the best description you can!]

Explicit at all? [This is here on the off chance I am asked to make a nude/explicit drawing. I am not the best at drawing nudity, but if you ask I will do my best. Please know that if this option is selected I will need VERY specific information on the expression/stance as to get your character just how you want them.]

Current que and progress: