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Author Topic: Traditional Artwork - Something A Little Different  (Read 478 times)

Offline Amour

Traditional Artwork - Something A Little Different
«: April 10, 2015, 02:41:01 AM»
Hi guys! I'm Amour. And I was thinking maybe I'd offer commissions for my artworks.

I have many examples that will be posted below.

-I only do traditional graphite drawings. Please don't ask for digital or colors.

-I do these on a standard piece of drawing paper. They're the size of a regular piece of paper. Please try to keep this in mind when asking for a lot of details in small spaces. Also- for an additional $2, I can ship the actual piece of artwork anywhere in USA.

-I realize my art isn't for everyone. It's something different. And I put a lot of love into it.

-I only accept Paypal. I require payment before I start.

-I'm actually pretty nice. My terms are just part of business. xD (So don't be scared! I don't bite. <3)

-If interested, please send me a pm here. OR... The fastest way to reach me is by emailing at [email protected]

-Things I will not do.
  • Lewd pornography
  • Fully Anthromorphic furries
  • Colors
  • Digital

-Things I do well with.
  • Animal features (ears, tails, wings, noses, etc)
  • Humanoids (humans, elves, faeries, etc)
  • Animals
  • Romantic Poses
  • Shading

Prices and Examples

~Ctrl+Click Image to open in new window~

~Headshots~ -$10 + $6 for every additional character.

~Busts~ $15 + $10 for every additional character.

~Full Body~ $25


~Full Body Couples~ $45


~Animals~ $8-$50 (Depending on complexity)