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Author Topic: Found for now!  (Read 483 times)

Offline Talezya

Found for now!
«: April 15, 2015, 02:11:50 PM»
I'm looking to commission a dreamweaver to create a roleplaying dream.
It shall be a large dream - the max Furc shall allow for free upload.

Here are some details:
It would be in a steampunk/medieval setting. A large manor with vast gardens that would be good for exploration and roleplay. It is to represent a rich and luxurious lifestyle and should show this.

It is to be made for a more interactive roleplay rather than one-on-ones. Things that the dream should include are as follows:
-Large garden / cave system for exploration (suggested: hidden areas to make things fun!)
-Small to medium buildings/areas to accommodate guilds (thieves guild, warrior guild, etc.)

-Entrance hall
-Great hall
-Kitchen (suggested: inclusion of a wine cellar)
-Servant Quarters
-At least 1 master bedroom and 3 smaller bedrooms
-Bathroom/Bathing room/Spa

Anything else that the artist may deem noteworthy can be suggested as discussed!

You do not need to Dragon Speak this dream other than going room to room.
I do not have any patches myself nor in mind for this dream, giving you complete freedom.
I'm incredibly flexible with prices, please list your costs and any examples below.

I can be easily contacted by whispering Skarlet :).

Found for now!
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