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Author Topic: Yo, i got the dough $$$  (Read 480 times)

Offline Dillen

Yo, i got the dough $$$
«: April 23, 2015, 12:16:07 PM»
I need help designing an alt i just got. Feral ofc cuz im a butt, and need more ferals. She's a wolf, and her name is Pocahontas you can see where im going with this. She's obv gunna' be really tribal and def have warm colors. (red, brown, etc) She's gunna have feathers and what not because duh. I was thinking of incorp pocahontas' necklace somehow maybe as a marking on her neck or maybe have a tribal necklace piece? im debating! But anyway. The point is, im willing to pay someone some money depending on their price range whatever, to help me give birth to a beauty alt. HELP MEE GIVE BIRTH TO MY NEW BABY ALT YO. PLS. okay whisp mee on Denise, or pm me whatev. Tyty.