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Author Topic: I'm back.~ (10/10 Open Slots, $5 PP)  (Read 746 times)

Offline Depress

I'm back.~ (10/10 Open Slots, $5 PP)
«: May 23, 2015, 07:51:50 PM»
After a long hiatus from both Furcadia(based things), Deviantart, and just about everything to do with being online, I am back.
Many people know me as Depress or Belove. Anyways, I am starting back doing portraits again because I need to save up for a laptop.

I am accepting paypal, DA points, or /rarely/ GD or spaces.

Premade Portraits ($3)

I will do minor changes like scars/cuts, accessories and whatnot for free.
I will charge an extra $2 if it requires drastic changes like wings.

Slots are currently open for port art. ($5 PP)
I only do ferals/animals.


Rights go to their owners. Do NOT steal.


Name of Character:
Contact's Username:
Contact's Email:
Other methods of contact: (Optional)
Reference sheet/art:
Desired pose:
Desired background:
Other notes?:

Slots filled...
1. None
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3. None
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